DB Administration

What version numbering can I use when creating database?

When creating database, possible version numbering you can use can have up to 3 numbers for one “field”. For example up to 999.999.999.999

What is the difference between Master and Zone database?

Master database contains only recipes and information about colorants. It cannot be used in Redlike.

Zone database contains information also about products, bases and packages. Zone database is a full database which is FINAL and must be used in Redlike.

In case you are using other format than Deso Excel, it might happen that your Master database is the final one. To confirm this, contact us.

What is the difference between formula name and formula code?

Formula name – each formula must have a formula name and this must be unique (it must differ from the others). It can always be used for searching purposes.

Formula code – is an optional information type and it does not have to be unique (two or more formulas can have the same formula code). Using formula code for searching purposes might prompt multiple results.

The use of formula name and formula code is settable in Settings – Interface Settings – Formula Settings – Color.

It can be chosen which of these two attributes should be used for searching purposes but at least one must be activated.

The order of the searching fields can be adjusted as well.

Formula name and formula code can be blended together into one searching field (see the setting below). Both names are then displayed and searched for in one row.

Normally, Formula name is displayed as the first one in the field. It can be switched, however, by activating the configuration item “Formula code as primary.”

What if I am unable to edit Redlike options?

In Redlike manager, you might get in the situation, where you are unable to edit “Redlike options”. This might be caused by the “lock” that ensures that value is not changed.

It is important to remember however that this lock cannot be changed on the lower level. E.g. if you apply lock in the Master, you cannot change it in the Zone.

What do I upload when I want to send a database update via Redlike Web?

Main database must be uploaded, nothing else – not zip file, not exe file, not any other file.

This main database must be zone database, not master database. The difference between those is described here.

What do I do if I get the message “Error during connecting to databases”?

You get this screen with the description Server cannot connect to the database. Please check your database configuration. and the clarification Error during connecting to both, main and local databases (wrong file, invalid password), or alternatively only the main database or the local database.


Most likely, your Redike is running under the demo version and you are trying to use it with your database. This is not going to work as your database does not match the license. The solution is to either remove the database which does not match the license or to ask us for relicensing.

Another solution could be to use the correct password to the database in db.ini file.

Make sure that the db.ini file truly has the extention “.ini” and not something else such as “.txt”.

What browsers are supported for Redlike Manager?

Tested browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox

Partially tested browsers: Edge

Any other browser is also supported, however, there might be some design inconsistencies.

How do I change privileges for individual items?

The privileges are changed by the database administrator in the main databases. This allows the privileges to differ from zone to zone and they concern all configuration items, functions and displayed texts. The overview of the default privileges can be found here.

Possible privileges are:

  • [someone] cannot see
  • [someone] can see but not edit
  • [someone] can see and edit

Privileges are settable in Redlike Importer via Deso Redlike Excel format (sheet User group – manual here) or in Redlike Manager via static.sql. If you cannot create your own static.sql, create a query of specific privileges by contacting us at support@deso.cz or reaching to your account manager. In the query, explain exactly how you want your privileges to be set.