What do I do if the real amount of colorant in a canister does not match the software?

The colorant amount in canisters is a type of information which is taken from the driver. Redlike does not change or manage it in any way, only interprets.

You can adjust the displayed amount by changing the value of the current level on the Canister view.

What do I do if the can confirmation is requested twice or not at all?

In some machine types, there are can sensors.

Can confirmation is requested twice

It can happen that you have activated two-fold configmation:

  1. In the driver/machine itself
  2. In Redlike

To avoid this, turn one of them off. If you want to do it in Redlike, navigate to Machine & Devices – Machine Settings – Dispensing Settings and turn on the configuration item Skip place can dialog or Skip remove can dialog based on the confirmation you want to turn off.

I do not get any can confirmation

If both confirmations are turned off and you would like to activate one, you can do so in the driver or directly in Redlike. In this case, turn off the configuration item Skip place can dialog or Skip remove can dialog based on the confirmation you want to turn on.

What do I do if the autocap is not working correctly?

The autocap is controlled solely by the driver. Redlike has no direct communication to it.

If the autocap malfunctions, please contact your service organisation or the dispenser manufacturer.

What do I do if some service action is not shown in Redlike?

If a service action is not shown in Redlike, it means that it is not supported by the machine and cannot be used.

In some cases, it is possible to change the dispenser configuration to have the service action shown. This is then done at your own risk  by you or you service organisation.

What do I do if RCC cannot be started?

RCC requires an open COM port to communicate with the driver/machine. Close any other software (mostly dispensing software) which might be taking up the COM port so RCC can communicate with it.

If RCC still cannot start, see if it is not blocked by an antivirus programme and whitelist it along with all other Redlike components if possible.

What do I do if my IDD does not want to connect with Redlike?

IDD is a driver used by the dispenser manufacturer Fast & Fluid. There are multiple types of this driver.

  1. Make sure that the file is valid by running it in IDD.Test
  2. Make sure you set Machine type to Fast & Fluid using IDD in Redlike (Machine & Devices – Machine Settings – Driver Settings)
  3. Make sure you have the correct IDD file for your machine type (contact Fast & Fluid to confirm this)
  4. If you are using IDD2, make sure to license it
  5. Make sure that the file itself and any folder from the path to the driver is not using any diacritics
  6. Restart RCC

To recognise the IDD file:

  • IDD2 ends with .idd
  • IDD4 ends with .ide or .idu
What do I do if I am getting a dispenser error message?

Dispenser erros are visible in the machine panel at the bottom of the screen. Erros are clearly recognisable because they are always in red.

Redlike is never the source of such errors, it only interprets them. The source is always the driver of the dispenser and/or the dispenser itself.

If you get a machine error, follow these steps:

  1. Reset the error
  2. If reset is not enough, contact your service organistation
  3. If the reason is not in the hardware (the machine itself) or the service organisation cannot solve the issue in any other way, contact the machine manufacturer and/or the publisher of the driver software

Note: you can see what driver is being used in Machine & Devices – Machine Settings – Driver Settings.

How do I set critical and warning levels for canisters?

Both critical and warning levels for canisters are set in the machine configuration. Redlike is only reading and interpreting these values but has no way of setting them.

Please do change this in the machine administration.

How do I get simulation dispenser?

The simulation dispenser is used if there is no physical dispenser connected to the computer where Redlike is running.

The simulation dispenser requires a configuration file. This can be obtained by:

  1. Creating an installation file for the database which includes the configuration file – more info here
  2. Creating the configuration file out of an existing database – more info here
Can I transfer Santint configuration from Windows to Linux and vice versa?

No, you must have separate configurations for both platforms. Once you have one valid configuration for Windows, you can transfer this to other Windows PCs. The same goes for Linux. But you cannot transfer the configuration from Windows to Linux and from Linux to Windows.