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What do I do if the barcode reader is not working?
  1. Check that the minimal requirements are met.
  2. Check that barcodes are allowed (Interface settings – Environmental settings – Software options – Allow barcodes)
  3. The issue can be that the barcode from the can cannot be read by the reader. To prove this hypothesis, open a text editor and let the scanned result be written there. If there is nothing, the barcode reader is not reading the barcode.
  4. Another issue can be that the input is wrong which meanst that the barcode reader is configured incorrectly. See our manual here.
  5. If the input is correct and you’re getting a message saying that the barcode cannot be found, check if it has been inserted into the database (it is listed in Redlike Manager or source file for Redlike Importer). Another way is to use barcode testing environment in Redlike (Database connection – Barcode testing)