License Administration

What do I do if I want to restore a deleted license?

You asked us to remove a license permanently and now you would like to restore it? We are ready for such situations and can use our backup for this.

Write to and identify the license which you would like to restore.

Make sure that you have got at least one free license which can be used for this revival. See what to do if you do not.

This is a paid service.

What do I do if I don’t have enough licenses?

If you are seeing this or a similar screen and cannot click on the Continue button, that means, there are no more available licenses on your licensing account:

To solve this, please first contact your Redlike Web administrator who is responsible for licenses distribution. It can happen that your company has got plenty licenses left but on other accounts or not assigned yet.

Only if your License overview looks similar to this (Total number of licenses = Spent number of licenses), are you out of licenses altogether.

In such case, please contact your account manager and ask him/her to for new licenses. To speed the process up, say the exact number of licenses you need instead of the unspecific “some”, etc.

The licenses will be added to your company once paid for. After that, let the Redlike Web administrator assign them to the correct user accounts.

What do I do if I am not getting the e-mail about a new license?

To receive e-mail notifications about each newly created license, activate this feature in the detail of the Redlike web user account.

Be aware – this user is going to receive information about every single license in your company, even those licensed by other users.

I have licenses assigned to the company but I am still getting message about no licenses available, what should I do?

Having licenses assigned to the company is not everything as you need to also assign these licenses to users.

1. Log into your Redlike web account.

2. On the page “Company” find “All company users” table and click on “Edit” (the culomn Actions) for desired user.

3. On the following overview scroll to the bottom of page where you should see fields next do type of licenses.

4. Specify the number of licenses to propriete fields and save the changes by clicking the “Edit” button.

How do I transfer a license from one PC to another?

To transfer a license, it must first be deleted from the old PC. To do so, please contact our support department identifying the license and with an official statement that the license will never be used again. Under these circumstances only will we delete the license.

For the deleted license, you will be granted another one which can be used to license another PC.

It is recommended to do such transfers in bulks (not more often than once in 3 months) as this is a paid service.

If you do not wish to delete the license permanently but only deactivate it temporarily, you can invalidate it on your own.

How do I set up my license groups?

License Group Structure

License groups are meant to group certain computers together. These computers share some attribute based on which they form a group. The attribute can be either the software release (they should always have the same version of Redlike) or zone database (they should alway have the same version of the zone database) or both.

The setup is completely up to you. If you require our help with organising your structure, we will be happy to help. In such case please contact your account manager. This is a paid service.

Creating License Groups

If you do know how you want to categorise your PCs, you can create the structure independently.

License groups are created on the view License group on Redlike Web. You can have as many license groups as you wish. You can have as many license groups in a license group as you wish, too.

To add a computer into a license group, navigate to the view Licenses and look the specific computer up. Then open the detail of the computer (click on the Computer ID) and in the table License group, click on the Edit button in the top right corner. Select the correct license group (the license groups must be created prior to the assignment).

One computer can belong to as many license groups as you wish. One license group can contain as many computers as you wish.

For more help, see the full manual.

How do I refresh license changes on Redlike Manager?

When there are changes done to your license and you do not want to wait for automatic refresh of your manager, you can do so by yourself.

1. Click on the “help” button in the upper right corner.


2. Click on the License information button.

3. Finally click on the Update license button.

How do I deactivate license without deleting it?

If you want to delete a license permanently (and obtain a new one for this), please see license deletion.

If you want to deactivate a license temporarily (no new license is obtained), you can invalidate it on your own. On Redlike Web, navigate to section License and look the desired license up. Then click on the checkbox at the end of the row of the license and in the top right corner of the table, select Set invalid.

The license is going to be deactivated (Redlike cannot be used) until you validate it again. The process is the same only now you click on the button Set valid.