License Errors

Why can’t I confirm the registration form?

There can be two causes:

  1. There are required fields which must be filled in – Shop name, city, country.
  2. There is a validation for e-mail and phone number in the registration form and POS info form in Redlike. You must use the correct form in order to be able to confirm the form.

Phone validation

Any numbers are allowed. The amount of numbers does not matter. The sign + is also allowed. Do not use spaces.

E-mail validation

The input must contain @ followed by letters and then . and then text again.

I am unable to license, although I have available licenses, what do I do?

If you see alert window saying that you have no license available or you see that Authentication license key is invalid although you have available licenses:

  1. Try to restart Redlike server service on your computer.
  2. Check whether there are enough licenses assigned to the user key on Redlike web.
  3. Check whether there is license already used for given PC on the license server.
  4. Check and reset given license by setting impacted license to invalid and then back to valid on the license server.
I am getting an error 116, what do I do?

The error 116 means that the license has been deleted. See what to do if you want to restore it.