Technical Issues FAQ

What do I do to send orders between computers?
  1. Check that the ordering is on (Settings – Interface Settings – Environmental Settings – Software Options)
  2. Make sure that the computers are connected via VPN or on the same network
  3. Add the computer into the server list (Database – Client/Server Connection) using a server name and its IP address

Important note: use static IP address.

What do I do if the same update is being sent over and over again?

This means that there is a mismatch between the database versions stated in the database itself and Redlike web. Redlike web became the information that the version is higher than it truly is and keeps trying to send a non-existant update.

To solve this situation, turn the check for update feature off temporarily until you prepare a new update to Redlike web which corrects this mistake. That means – create a new zone database version with a higher number than stated on Redlike web and make sure it matches the version written in the database.

Once the corrected update has been uploaded to Redlike web, turn the check for update feature on again.

What do I do if Redlike Helper is not working?

If you open Redlike Helper and see and empty space, this means that Redlike Helper Server is not running.

Open Task Manager and navigate to Services. Find the service redlikehelperserver and right-click it. Then, choose the option Start.

What do I do if my update is not going through?
  1. Identify the PC – Get the computer ID (License – License Data – License Status) and look the PC up on Redlike Web on the view License. By clicking on the computer ID, open the detail of the license
  2. Check the current status –  Check whether the license is communicating with Redlike Web  without issues (Last check for update). If not, the Helper – Web communication is obstructed. Set the proxy to communicate with Redlike Web.
  3. Check License group setup – If Redlike Web has no information about the desired version (of software or zone database you’re trying to sent), the setup was done incorrectly. Check what License group the license is assigned to. Check whether this License group has been assigned the attribute which is desired (DB or SW version).
  4. Check availability – The last thing to find out on Redlike web is whether the update has actually been enabled. For zone databases, check the switch sign at the respective zone database version on the Zone database view. In its detail, it can also be checked if other PCs have received the update. If so, the problem is going to be local. The software release status can be checked on Software release view in the detail of the given release. The detail can also be used to check whether other PCs have received it in order to exclude global error.
  5. Check Correctness – The issue could also be incorrect database version stated on Redlike Web. Check if the information on Redlike Web matches the information within the DB (open it in Redlike and see the version Change database pop-up window) and whether this version is higher than the one currently present at the PC where you’re trying to send the update to. With the database update, check also its UUID in the source files.
  6. Check Helper Server – On the part of Redlike, Redlike Helper Server is responsible for update reception. Make sure it is up and running. The easiest way is to open Redlike Helper – if the entire GUI is empty, Helper Server is not running. Turn it on via Task Manager (Windows) or Terminal (Linux).
  7. Check for update – Once Redlike Helper Server is running (and thus the Helper – Web communication has been restored), click on Check for update either via Redlike Helper or using Redlike Client. Alternatively make sure that Check for update is active on the PC.

What do I do if I get the error “Another instance already running”?

This might happen when Redlike is shut down unexpectedly. It could by caused for example by hard restart or by closing Redlike using Task Manager.

To solve this, delete the .lock file located in C:ProgramData/Deso/redlike/client/temp.,

What do I do if I am getting the message “Invalid db password” when uploading a database?

There are two possible intepretations of this error:

  1. You are uploading an incorrect file – only the main db file is accepted here
  2. You are uploading a file in which the password has changed from the previous one

If you have changed the password, there are two solutions:

  1. Correct the password to the old one by creating a new zone database version
  2. Change the password from db.ini in the Zone setting on Redlike web