Dispenser Operator Knowledgebase

Printing labels with Redlike

Printing labels with Redlike Connecting printing device Printing Establishing connection between PC and Printer used One of very important features Redlike 2 posses is possibility to print labels. To be able to print any label is to have proper label printing devices connected and proper drivers installed. Make sure that you are using newest drivers […]

Formula searching and creating

Global Search Step-By-Step Search Color Palette Custom Formula Panel (+Search) Edit Standard Formula Favorites & Formula Panel   1. Global search Global setting search Used to search for specific settings when you are not sure where to look for your desired options. You can find this search field under “burger” menu on left-top side under […]

Dispensing Process and History

This guide contains: Formula Panel Dispensing Quick Tint Dispensing History Distribution of colorants to white or transparent (base) paint is called Dispensing or Tinting. To achieve certain color we must know the colorants ratio. This is where Redlike Formula Panel comes in. For help with navigation please click here for basic layout overview. 1. Formula […]

Basics and Bug Reporting

This guide contains: How Redlike Works in General Header + Footer Help + Navigation Items Bug Report Update Options Customers   1. In General Redlike is a software package that offers complete control of your dispensing machines through their drivers. Once driver and database are set and connected you can operate machine & devices and […]