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FFM Shakers

FF Shaker Manual   Installation To install the FFM shaker application, just install the application and connect the machine(Tested on windows). When the application is installed and machine is connected, start the application and wait for the machine and computer to initialize connection. After a while you should have access to the app. Status Tab […]

Redlike server helper service or process not loaded / stopped after windows start

Problem with crashing processes and stopped services can be caused by slow/outdated hardware. For slow computers default time (45s) for loading of processes may not be enough and windows will decide to stop loading these processes. As such redlike components won’t be started. This can be helped with: Extending the default timeout from 45 seconds […]

Starting with Redlike Manager

Are you transfering to Redlike Manager from Redlike Importer or starting your database preparation journey directly with Redlike Manager? Congratulations! This is a huge step for your user experience as well as efficiency. Starting with Redlike Manager To make your transition smooth, we prepared a brief guide to follow to create valid databases. Basic Rules […]

Known print issues

Double printing Status: Fixed and higher. When Redlike 2 is running for too long there might be an issue where labels are printed twice. This cannot be simulated as printing pdf will show only one copy. In case of this happening restarting Redlike should be sufficient to solve the issue. Output turned Status: Experienced […]


Redlike 2 Changelog Featuring: RGB Generating & Formula Verification Changelog Featuring: Maximal/Minimal Colorant Level Changelog Featuring: Searching Possibilities Changelog Featuring: UFI Implementation Changelog Featuring: Prices & QR Codes Changelog Featuring: New Tables & Searching Options Changelog Featuring: Colorant Refill Optimisation Changelog Featuring: New Menu & Basic Setup Wizard Changelog […]

Machine/Driver Overview

Machine Manufacturer Machine Type Driver OS Alfa All types Rest API Windows and Linux Corob Flex (500, 520, 540…) LLD Windows Slave (D200, D600…), First One, 5G (EvoFlx) DspProxy Windows and Linux 5G (EvoFlx) EvoDriver Windows and Linux Slave (D200, D600…), First One, 5G (EvoFlx) NextDriver Windows and Linux Dromont V1, V2 Direct Windows V1, […]

Translation Keys Export

Export Log in as superadmin. Navigate to Advanced Settings – Language Settings. Click on the button Export translation keys and then choose Export – csv new – the language you wish to translate. Click on the Export button and copy the generated text. Insertion into Excel Do not use Ctrl + V for pasting. Instead, […]

Redlike Backup (Computer Replacement)

This manual contains a recommendation what to backup in Redlike to have full backup. Backing up these files will enable you to restore a computer in case of any issues and should be used if you are replacing an old computer for a new one. To perform a full backup, simply copy the following files/folders […]

Redlike Web Connection

Software as well as database updates are being sent via Redlike Web. Therefore, for updates to work, it must be ensured that the computer can communicate with Redlike Web. Set Parameters Port: 443 IP Address: Firewall/Antivirus/Proxy: whitelisted Redlike Web as well as herperserverservice Check the Correctness Before contacting our support department, please ping […]

Installation Change

When reinstalling Redlike. since version it may happen that the manual reinstallation does no go smoothly. Instead, the following warning will pop up during the installation: This means that some services were not stopped automatically and the installation cannot proceed. In order to finish the installation, these services need to be stopped manually. To […]