Redlike Customisation

My Own Redlike: Autotask Description

If you feel that the users need more clarifications for autotasks, you can create an explaining file for them. The file must be written in html and placed in the correct folder and with the correct name. For example: Linux: ~/Deso/redlike/client/rcc_help/en/AUTOTASK_CLEAN_START.html Windows: C:\ProgramData\DESO\redlike\client\rcc_help\en\AUTOTASK_CLEAN_START.html For different languages, you can have different descriptions. This is stated by […]

Redlike 1 Local DB Import

This feature enables you to import custom formulas, customers and dispensing history from your Redlike 1 local database into Redlike 2. This option is available under admin priviligies  

My Own Redlike: Customisations List

To provide you a glance into how powerful and flexible Redlike might be, we created a list of all the parts which you may customise in the software.   General Software Look design (your own style including logo and colours), icon and name of the software (own installation package), banners, name of the Light version.   Specific […]

My Own Redlike: Database Image & Icon

Redlike can work with multiple separate databases. Of course, these databases are differentiated by their name, they are updated individually and they can be switched at any point. Apart from these attributes, Redlike lets you draw clearer representation of each zone by using icons and images. Icons Are visible in Redlike Helper. They are displayed on […]

My Own Redlike: Templates

You will be given .fr3 files with your own designed print templates or you can create them on your own – see our manual. These files need to be placed into: Windows: C:\ProgramData\Deso\rcc\templates Linux: ~/Deso/rcc/templates Restart RCC, run Redlike with your own customised templates and enjoy!

My Own Redlike: Style

In order to apply the Redlike design which was specifically customised for you, there is only one step required from your part. You will be given: a folder with pictures (which might be empty if did not provide us with any pictures), and a style.css file All you need to do is to insert both of […]

My Own Redlike: Canister Images

Redlike is known for its broad protection agains human mistakes. One of the many safety measures is the validation of canister before colorant refill – this will ensure that the correct canister is being refilled. In this manual, we teach you how to insert canister images into Redlike to have a beautiful and useful preview […]

My Own Redlike: Banners

Redlike allows you to use your own banners in its interface. The banners can be either shown in the upper part of Redlike or in the bottom part. The setting is in Interface Settings – Environmental Settings – Layout. Here, set the correct position (bottom/top). Then insert the images which should be shown into this […]

My Own Redlike: Screensaver

In Redlike, you can set your own Screensaver instead of the default rotating Redlike logo. This manual describes how. Insert Image(s) Create a new folder named screensaver on this location: Windows: C:\ProgramData\DESO\redlike\client\style\screensaver Linux: ~/Deso/redlike/client/style/screensaver Insert the images which you wish to have as your screensaver into this folder. Supported file types: jpg jpeg png git […]

My Own Redlike: Product Images

Once the correct image names are paired with the corresponding product in the database, we need to insert the images into the right folder. The path to this folder is: C:\ProgramData\Deso\redlike\server\Images After inserting the pictures and restarting Redlike, all products will have their preview picture in the formula panel (if correctly set in the database). The […]