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How To is a subsection of manuals full of descriptions and explanations about how to use specific parts of our software.

General Help & Support

Our support team is always ready to assist you and this help subsections has been created in order to improve our services to you and prepare you better for common situations which might occur when using our products.

Redlike Manager Translations

In case you would like to add new language mutation or to fill missing translations Redlike Manager allows possibility of language imports. These translations are being exported by Deso Staff and if you want to receive .csv file for translation you need to contact Deso first. After you received this file you just translate the […]

Using Spectrometers

Spectro measuring 1. Measuring by spectrometer 2. Manual input Measuring by spectrometer   Before measuring by spectrometer it is necessary to create the connection between spectromeeter and Redlike. First establish connection between Spectromeeter and PC either by wire or wireless connection. Then install proper drivers provided by your spectrometer supplier. Finally set correct spectrometer in […]

Base fill cause the wrong colorant amounts when transferring the data from Deso XLS master file

The error was causing wrong formulas with colorants based always for 100% base filling instead of correct filling (like 93%). For example formula with 93 ml of white colorant for 93% base filling, should be 93 ml for 1 L base package in Redlike (because the filling of the 1 L base is also 930 […]