General Help & Support

Redlike Client-Server Connection

For Redlike to work, there must always be ensured communication between Redlike Client with at least one Redlike Server. Normally, both of these are on the same computer. In special cases, it can happen that Redlike Client from one computer communicates with Redlike Server from another computer. One of these cases is ordering. When using […]

Support & Ticketing System (CRM)

Supported Versions

Below please find the up-to-date list of Redlike versions which are supported by DESO:   Redlike Redlike (Windows) Redlike (Linux)   Redlike Importer Redlike Importer   Redlike Manager Redlike Manager   For any other version it is required to download/update the newest version  in order to have support provided.

Bug Reporting

Managing Databases

This manual contains everything you need to know in order to be able to manage databases in Redlike 2. 1. Insert Database File(s) Please insert the database file(s) into this folder: Windows: C:\ProgramData\Deso\redlike\server\db (if the db folder does not exist, please create it) Linux: ~Home/Deso/redlike/server/db (if the db folder does not exist, please create it)   2. […]

Barcode Scanner Setup

Introduction In order to scan barcodes so Redlike can process them correctly, a certain workflow of the used scanner needs to be set up. Please follow the steps described in this manual to get the data from barcodes into Redlike easily and appropriately.   Requirements For barcodes to work in Redlike, you need to have/fulfil the […]

Virtual Keyboard Fix

There is a bug in Ubuntu update which causes malfunctioning of the virtual keyboard switch on/off. We found Block Caribou extension which can fix the issue. The steps are:   Step 1 Find Caribou extension.   Step 2 The extension will open. Just click on the top left button <.   Step 3 Select the […]

Redlike Print Template Editor

Welcome to REDLIKE Print Template Editor (R-PTE)   R-PTE is used for print template editing – these are the labels which can be printed along with the can of dispensed colour to be put on the can. In this manual, it is shown how to: start Redlike Print Template Editor set the size of the […]

Redlike Helper

Redlike Helper is a useful tool which significantly simplifies your work with Redlike and amplifies your Redlike experience. It is installed along with Redlike so you have to worry about nothing and it is extremely simple to use.   Redlike Helper Access Helper can be accessed easily via taskbar. Open it by double-clicking it.   […]

Automatic Redlike Updates

To set automatic updates, click on the small icon of Redlike Helper visible on your taskbar. Then, click on “Options” in the bottom part of Helper.   The recommended setting of the Update Options is illustrated on the following screenshot.   This setting enables automatic updates – whenever there is a new software or database […]