How To

Using Spectrometers

Spectro measuring 1. Measuring by spectrometer 2. Manual input Measuring by spectrometer   Before measuring by spectrometer it is necessary to create the connection between spectromeeter and Redlike. First establish connection between Spectromeeter and PC either by wire or wireless connection. Then install proper drivers provided by your spectrometer supplier. Finally set correct spectrometer in […]

HOW TO: Canisters

Canisters are an unseparable part of the tinting process. They need to be taken good care of. If you want to get the most of Redlike, do read the following manual about how to manage them correctly.   What and Where what – Canister screen provides an overview of canisters status, or more precisely the […]

HOW TO: Customers

Customers are the essence of each business – read more to learn how to organise the information about them more easily with Redlike!   Find your Customers All information about your customers can be stored on one place which you can find: in the quick access panel (or the dropdown menu based on your settings), […]

HOW TO: Settings

It is important to set your Redlike correctly on personal level so your work with it would be the most effective and natural to you. For this purpose, we created a manual explaining all settings options in the software.   Setting Options All settings are neatly organised next to each other in the Setting section in […]

HOW TO: RCC Settings

RCC (Redlike Control Center) Settings contain all tools you need in order to manage your dispenser and additional devices effectively. You can find it in the left menu. After each change made and saved in this section, it is necessary to restart RCC so the changes would be effective! This manual covers the following topics: Driver […]

HOW TO: Maintenance

The Maintenance section can be found in the left menu and contains the following subsections: Machine Info Machine Actions Canisters Canister Filling Canister Settings Test Barcodes Autotasks   Machine Info This subsection provides an overview of all information about the machine which is being sent to Redlike. It contains information such as: Machine name Number […]

HOW TO: Set Prices

Struggling with setting the prices right in Redlike? Do not worry, we are sure you can manage it with the help of the following manual. All prices are set in the Price setting section in the left menu. Generic Pricing after opening Price Setting options, the first screen is about Generic Pricing here, you can […]

HOW TO: Favourites

Get to know how to get around Favourites in Redlike!   Always First Here is what you need to know about this function: favourites will always be pinned as the first tab a formula can be added as a favourite from the formula panel at the very top above the formula preview   Organisation all […]

HOW TO: Formulas

In this manual, we would like to present you the most important part of Redlike and how to operate it: formula panel. The formula screen can look like this but it is highly customisable:   It can be divided into two main parts: Formula Panel, Preview Panel.   Formula Panel formulas allow us to search […]

Redlike Light

Sometimes, less is more. To be true to this belief and to prove it, we bring you our Redlike Light where only the must-haves are present.   Turn me on! To enable Redlike Light, the following checkbox in the Environment settings needs to be checked: Check also Run Redlike Light at startup if you want […]

HOW TO: Quick Tint

Quick Tint is a handy tool which makes your work with Redlike more efficient and faster. Learn how to use it here! What and Where what – Quick Tint is a function to allow you to dispense your own formula quickly where – you can find it in the menu on the left side or […]

First Touch

Welcome to Redlike! It might seem difficult to work with Redlike at first. In this manual, we aim to help you with the beginnings and soon you will see that Redlike is truly simple to handle! When you open Redlike for the very first time, this is the welcoming home page to greet you:   […]