First, you have to get the installation package. If we have not sent it to you directly, you can download the latest installation package directly from Redlike Web.

How do I log in?

Please use your credentials which you obtained for Redlike Web.

Where can I find the installation package on the website?

Installation packages can be downloaded in the software detail of the given release in the section Software Release (table named Component versions).


Step 2: Run the Proper Installation File & Choose a Start Menu

In the first step of the installation, you will choose a Start Menu for Redlike. You may choose a different name for the start menu items or leave it as predefined. Afterwards, proceed with the installation by clicking on the Next button.


Step 3: Install Redlike on your PC

Redlike is now ready to be installed. Click on the Install button to start with the installation process.


Step 4: Complete the Installation Wizard

Applications listed bellow are necessary to run Redlike properly. Please keep all the checkboxes selected and finish the installation.

What to do if I accidentally unchecked an option and finished the installation?

All of the applications will start after the system startup. Therefore, the easiest way how to run them is to restart your PC.


Step 5: Let’s License Redlike!

Redlike has been successfully installed to your PC. In the first step of licensing it, you have to provide your identification IDs/Keys which will help us to identify your license and activate Redlike.

I don't know my Identification IDs/Keys.

You can find your Company ID/Company Key in your company detail on Redlike Web.

User ID/User Key is in Users section in the bottom of the same page.

Remember that you will only see the license types (Pricing, Dispensing Manual, Dispensing, Plus) which are available to you.

My IDs/Keys are not working.

Please doublecheck you have entered both keys correctly and that you have got enough licenses available. If the problem persists even after entering the correct IDs/keys, please contact our support team on

Step 6: Select Version of Redlike

In this step, please select the correct version of your Redlike.

I cannot see all license versions.

You can only see those versions which are available to you on Redlike web


Step 7: Fill in the Registration Form

The final step contains a registration form. Please fill in at least the required fields (marked by *) and click on Continue to finish the entire activation process.


(Step 8: Offline Licensing)

In case of offline licensing, there are four steps instead of only three. In the fourth step, Redlike provides you an offline activation key. Copy it into a text file on a USB drive. Then, insert the USB drive into a computer with internet access.

On the computer which is online, navigate to Redlike Web Decoding Page  and insert the copied text into the text field.


Another key will be generated for you. Using the same process with USB drive, copy this generated key into the text field from the previous picture and click on Activate license.

Remember that you will see all license types (Pricing, Dispensing, Plus) even though not all of them might be available to you. Using a license which you do not have will result in an error and licening must be done again.


Step 9: Insert the Database

If you have an installation package of the database, just run it and let the database be inserted automatically. If, however, you have got a .zip file, unzip it and afterwards:

  1. insert the file db.ini here: C:\ProgramData\Deso\redlike\server
  2. insert the local and main databases here: C:\ProgramData\Deso\redlike\server\db (create the “db” folder if it does not exist)


Step 10: Get to Know Redlike Helper

Once the activation process and database insertion have been finished, restart all Redlike components via Redlike Helper from top to bottom (double-click the small Redlike icon on the taskbar, then click on “Stop” and then “Start” again in the section Action).

Step 11: Yeah, You Did It!

Now, Redlike will start. The last step to do is to get the dispenser to communicate with Redlike. How to do that depends on the machine type. Please, see the manuals for all supported machine types and select the one which you need.